‎"We cannot withhold facts for fear of offending because the importance of the information outweighs people's right to not be challenged in their beliefs."
-Maddie Reid

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why do I care?

Today, I was called "crazy". I was told to get off my high horse. I was informed that I thought I was better then everyone else. Someone told me that they hoped I didn't have anymore children.

This was all in response to my last post about circumcision. One of the people asked me why I was passionate about something that had nothing to do with my life. I have two girls, why should I care? Why do I care? That's a good question. Well first of all, the obvious, I have an intact husband. But it goes so much deeper then that.

Up until 1996, female genital mutilation was legal in the United States. 

In October 1973, Playgirl magazine recommended female circumcision. 

It is still practiced in several countries and secretly practiced in the United States. Do you know about female circumcision? It's another topic I'm passionate about. In fact, I'm passionate against any genital cutting, whether male or female. How is it right to say our girls are perfect and we're not going to cut them but our boys are not? It doesn't make sense to me. So many people think it's a choice for the parents. Do those people believe the same thing about female circumcision as well? 

Secondly, this is about helping babies. Just because I don't have a son doesn't mean I can't care about boys issues. It's preposterous to say that because I'm the mother of two girls I'm unable to fight for infants rights. 

Some people feel that I think I'm better then them. :shrug: I don't. I'm not going to going into a wordy defense of that though because quite frankly, I don't care. I don't care if they don't like what I have to say. I don't care if they think I am on a high horse. I cannot force someone to look at factual information and be able to digest it calmly and considerately. I can only present facts and my opinions and leave it at that. If they don't like it, they can choose not to read it and go back into their little box. 

I will post more about circumcision over the life of this blog. Just as I'll post about breastfeeding, cloth diapering, extended rear facing, vaccines, carseat safety and whatever else strikes my fancy. I care about these topics. I'm passionate about them. I respect that not everyone agrees with me but that doesn't mean I have to keep my mouth shut and pretend I don't have something to say about these things. 


  1. So true! Just because some want to see change and others want to stick their fingers in their ears, it doesn't mean that the issue still doesn't exist!

    I read that thread and those two girls were just mean, times/culture will change and they'll see. .

  2. You know, I wasn't even upset at them for disagreeing with me. I know lots of people who disagree with me. However, to come at someone with ridiculous accusations and attacks is just immature and lame...and then to run away so that someone can't respond? Cowardly.

    But being deleted off someones friends list isn't enough to make me stop. I started this blog as a way to look back at my own journey but also to educate and inform and to find like minded people.

  3. You Know Christa, you views are strong, passionate and they are YOURS! Just like this blog is yours. If people don't like how you choose to parent our the values you believe in maybe they shouldn't read what you have to say. But, personally that is just MY opinion! Some people just need to open their eyes and educate themselves!

  4. Good job, Mama.

    And, just in case anyone says FGC "isn't the same", I invite you to check out this thread:


  5. I agree. Many of my friends/family think it is strange that I am so passionate regarding this topic, since I have two girls and will not be having any more children. However, I see this as a human rights issue that effects everyone, so that is why I care. I have found that with a lot of parenting issues it is hard for some people to realize that they could have made better choices. So, instead of learning from their mistakes and doing better they stick their heads in the sand or get ugly with uneducated and uninformed lashing out. I know I have made mistakes as a parents and I embrace learning to do better and informed choice...just wish others did the same.